Earplug Conversion Kit

Sale price$14.00

Transform your existing Decibullz product into our top-rated earplugs effortlessly with the Decibullz Earplug Conversion Kit. The process is straightforward: simply attach the included components, and you're ready to enjoy the full benefits of Decibullz Earplugs.

Decibullz earplugs are reusable and designed for optimal comfort, making them ideal for a variety of high-noise environments. Whether you're at the shooting range, traveling, working in noisy surroundings, attending loud concerts, or a musician yourself, this conversion provides the perfect blend of hearing protection and comfort. 


    • 2 Max Isolation Back Plugs
    • Closed Triple Flange Silicone Tips (S, M, L)
    • Medium Foam Tips
    • Drawstring Pouch

    Rating: Meets ANSI S12.6 (ANSI s3.9) with independently tested NRR of 31
    Improper fitting or misuse of earplugs will reduce their effectiveness and could result in hearing loss or injury. This is a Conversion  Kit ONLY!  You must currently have the custom molds in order for this Upgrade Kit to work.