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A small, black, oval-shaped premium zipper case with a textured logo on top. The Decibullz Premium Earplug and Earphone Carrying Case is made of smooth material and has a zipper running along the edge. Designed to store small items, it's ideal for electronics or accessories like custom-molded earplugs.
A black combination cable lock with a looped design, featuring a key slot and combination dial. It’s perfect for securing items like bicycles or personal belongings. The flexible cable is covered with a protective layer, and it's as customizable to your needs as the Decibullz Custom Molded Earplug Lanyard.
A pair of white wireless earbuds with a sleek, compact design. Featuring small, rounded tips with black and silver accents, they also include Decibullz Custom Moldable AirPods and EarPods Ear Hooks for a secure fit. AirPod and EarPod compatible, these earbuds have visible charging and sensor components on the inner surface.
#size_Large Five Pairs
A pair of Decibullz SAFE + SOUND Wireless Headphone Conversion Kit in black connected by a flexible neckband. The control panel on the neckband features buttons for volume adjustment and playback. Enhanced with Noise Suppression Technology, a blue circular sticker beside one of the earbuds reads "Moldable Earpieces Sold Separately.
An image featuring the Decibullz Security Radio Adapter Conversion Kit for Decibullz Custom Molded Earpieces, which includes seven black rubber grommets of varying sizes arranged in two rows. The top row contains four grommets shaped like cones with ridged sides, perfect for use with a two-way radio earpiece. The bottom row has three similar grommets of different sizes.
The image showcases a Decibullz Earplug Conversion Kit featuring various sizes of black reusable earplugs and a black drawstring pouch with the Decibullz logo. The earplugs and tips, ideal for high-noise environments, are neatly arranged in front of the pouch.
Earplug Conversion Kit Sale price$14.00