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The image shows a black cylindrical object with a slightly wider, rounded end displaying a white triangular logo. The body has several horizontal grooves, and the object resembles the Decibullz REPLACEMENT Single Back Plug set against a plain white background.
A small, black, oval-shaped premium zipper case with a textured logo on top. The Decibullz Premium Earplug and Earphone Carrying Case is made of smooth material and has a zipper running along the edge. Designed to store small items, it's ideal for electronics or accessories like custom-molded earplugs.
#size_Large Five Pairs
A black cylindrical object with multiple ridges, likely a Decibullz REPLACEMENT Single Percussive Filter, is shown next to an orange cylindrical cap. Both objects are on a plain white background, and the orange cap has a fitted design, indicating it can be attached to the black object for percussive filters use.
A cylindrical black rubber stopper with a flat, round top and a threaded side is shown against a white background. The flat surface has a small central hole, making it an ideal replacement part for Decibullz REPLACEMENT Single +Isolation Radio Adapter Back Plug.
A REPLACEMENT Single +Awareness Radio Adapter Back Plug with a cylindrical body and four holes in a symmetrical pattern on the top surface, similar to Decibullz Custom Molded Surveillance Earpieces. The adapter features three horizontal ridges along its body for securing it in place.
A black combination cable lock with a looped design, featuring a key slot and combination dial. It’s perfect for securing items like bicycles or personal belongings. The flexible cable is covered with a protective layer, and it's as customizable to your needs as the Decibullz Custom Molded Earplug Lanyard.
A set of six Decibullz REPLACEMENT Triple Flange Open Silicone Ear Tips Black arranged in two rows of three. Each pair consists of progressively larger sizes from left to right, featuring three-tiered cone shapes designed as replacement ear tips for in-ear headphone use.
REPLACEMENT Filter Lanyard